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With both Amanda and Megan being moms who volunteer in the community, we believe that giving back to the communities in which we live is important. It's why we partner with PACs or other community organizations for a great, profitable way for those groups to both enjoy some delicious tea while making a difference!

Because we've been involved in PACs ourselves, we know the key to fundraisers that we love running are that they quick, easy, and as profitable as possible. We'll set you up with an order form so all you have to do is collect the orders and let us know how many bags of tea you need us to deliver. We can then either package them up by order in our Loosely delivery bags, or deliver them in bulk if you'd prefer. Easy as one, two, tea! 

We currently have the following tea available for fundraising campaigns:

  • The Fall Trio (10g bags of 3 Fall Teas - Pumpkin, Cider, Chai)
  • The Holiday Trio (10g bags of 3 Holiday Teas - Holiday, Noël, Cider)
  • The Zen Trio (10g bags of 3 Calming Teas - Calm, Mint, Sleep)
  • The Mom Trio (10g bags of 3 Mom-Friendly Teas - Calm, Glow, Rewind)
  • The Earl (50g and 10g sizes)
  • The Mint (50g and 10g sizes)
  • The Morning (50g and 10g sizes)
  • The Calm (50g and 10g sizes)
  • The Pumpkin (50g and 10g sizes)
  • The Glow (50g and 10g sizes)

We also have our perennial favorite, the Re-Tea, available as well. 

To book us in for a fundraiser, please e-mail us at and we'll get you an informational pamphlet with all the info you need including pricing, order forms and our available dates.